Destination: Bahamas

We spent Christmas with our entire families at the Bahamas this past year. We split time between two resorts, The One and Only Ocean Club and The Atlantis. The One and Only was an incredible resort for my husband and I to get away for some much needed adulting time and date nights. It is an intimate property with incredible features and the dining is superb. The ocean is aquamarine blue and the gardens and property is absolutely gorgeous. I would go as far as to say it is a quiet, remote, and incredible little slice of heaven. I would give our One and Only experience five stars.

We opted to spend our family time at the Atlantis resort since we had babies and teenagers with us and the property did provide a wonderful array of activities which were honestly the main perk of the property and left us with some fun family memories. The comedy show was absolutely hysterical, the dolphin experience was magical, and the magic show was superb.  The childcare facilities for pre-teens and teens made my kiddos extrememly happy as they had their own club and activities in the evening that included gaming and dancing. I’ve found it is really difficult to find resorts that cater to the 10-13 range, and the Atlantis did a wonderful job with that.

In full disclosure the service was absolutely horrific (the staff actually treats you rudely), the smoking indoors was a very difficult thing to get past, and you are charged for virtually everything. We had water leaks in our rooms, the lines and crowds for everything are extrememly long and overwhelming and I found the day to day experience more “work” and “overwhelming than relaxing. Most of the general property was in need of updates, and for the price, I have experienced a much higher level of service and amenities.

A few tips:

  • Opt for Reef Condo Property which includes more private pools and beaches which is a much needed reprieve from the chaos.
  • Wake up early to get rafts for the WaterPark as they are very hard to come by later in the day
  • Purchase the photo package which includes all of the photos they take of your family on property
  • Do NOT opt in for the meal plan. The lines and the waits are a nightmare.



Atlantis-ATLANTIS-Dolphin Encounter Lagoon 3 Pod C-id158062295Atlantis-ATLANTIS-Dolphin Encounter Lagoon 3 Pod C-id158062252

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