The Bump Life

There is something about creating and carrying two humans at the same time that is quite spectacular…meaning that you will feel like your body has become a bit of a spectacle every place you go. One of my biggest curiosities in twin pregnancy was the bump and just how big I was going to be….

My Twin Pregnancy Experience

Obviously pregnancy is different for everyone, but the psychic energy it takes for a body to create all the cells, blood and organs for two humans at the same time is completely mind-boggling. Those first few months of my pregnancy I couldn’t think, I couldn’t form sentences, I couldn’t walk up stairs without becoming completely winded and wanting to just go lay down and sleep

Pregnancy: A Lesson in Sacrifice

Sacrifice: an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy. From my minute I laid eyes on my adopted son, he was, and has been, the love, the life and the joy of my life. Though the journey and gift of becoming his mother, he…

Maternity Photos

We were honored to have the amazing talented Katie Lamb Photography shoot our pregnancy photos and we could not be more grateful for the gorgeousness that she was able to capture. Dresses by: Free People