The Bump Life

There is something about creating and carrying two humans at the same time that is quite spectacular…meaning that you will feel like your body has become a bit of a spectacle every place you go. One of my biggest curiosities in twin pregnancy was the bump and just how big I was going to be. We are T-5 days until the twins delivery (and full term for twin pregnancy) and I wanted to document the bump progression. I have gained over 70lbs, and the sheer weight of my bump is something quite remarkable. People constantly stop and ask me when I am due. Its amazing the amount of attention you can garner when you waddle this belly around. The girls are BIG for their gestational ages, and I was not very big when this whole thing began so it is pretty awe inspiring that my body was capable of metamorphosing so drastically to make room for these babies. I’m not going to lie though; I am thoroughly looking forward to being able to stand, walk, sit, and sleep without four arms and four legs pushing from all directions inside of me.

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