A Birdie and A Rose Garden

It is almost unfathomable that it has been twelve weeks since my angels made their debut earth side. Its been two months since I last posted and so much has transpired in that short period of time I hardly know where to begin. Well for starters, the girls have gone from these tiny little beans to these chunky monkeys virtually overnight. christinainhomenb188Girls2.jpg

I suppose I will start with the girls themselves because it’s already strange for me to look back at my last post and realize how naive I was and how little I really knew at that time, both about the journey that lie ahead and more than that who these tiny little people were. Over the past few weeks I have really grown to know the girls and the discovery of who they are truly fascinates me every single day.


First there was Birdie.

Your father nick named you Birdie because you came out squawking like a bird…popular culture would say that you were “coming in hot,” and you have been a force to be reckoned with since that very first minute you were born. You were harder to settle, more difficult to get to sleep, and much much louder than your sister (although I have worked very hard to not compare the two of you which is very difficult to do because loving you two in tandem has been one of the most fascinating experiences of my life and a real lesson in nature vs. nurture.)

When you were a newborn I assumed you would be more serious and fiery like your daddy because of how intense your screams were when you wanted something, but as it turns out the minute you started connecting, your smiles, your giggles and your happiness was just as bold and colorful as your determination and strong will.

Birdie you are precocious – which is a word they used to use for me when I was a young girl and so very ironic in so many ways.

Your favorite things these days are giggling and cooing with daddy in the mornings before the sun rises. The two of you have had a 6am – 7am morning ritual since you were born. The two of you have a very special and beautiful bond, and its a real delight to watch that connection develop.

You make me belly laugh – almost daily because of the faces you make and the energy you give off as you navigate this world. You can express a hundred different emotions within seconds. You are fire and passion and determination and grit. You love people – all people – and your nannies sing to you in spanish which you engage in with delight. You eat unlike I have ever seen a baby eat in my entire life…and if anyone attempts to withhold your bottle for a burp or to attend to your sisters needs – well, lets just say you are not having any part of that.

You light up anytime you see my face and it brings joy to my life in a way I could never have anticipated. You are such love and are such a master at getting what you want in this life. I cannot wait to discover more of who you become.


Madeleina, you are my sweetheart. You’re daddy nicknamed you Maddie Rose Garden, and it it suiting because you are my valley of flowers. You came into the world silent with eyes wide open. The photo above was taken just seconds after you were born and you have been a wide eyed observer of life ever since. You, just like a flower, slowly and with great beauty.

As a newborn you were extremely “easy.” You are calm and grounded, flexible and bending like the ocean. You are slow to emote and slow to frustrate. When something upsets you, which generally takes some time…your patience slowly burns to a place of a quivered pouty lip and the most pitiful little whimper.

You are constantly in awe and amazement of the world around you and almost every time I look into your eyes, it is as if you’re mind is blown by what you are experiencing. You are so sensitive to stimulation – lights, and sounds and shapes always capturing your attention from the corner of the room.

We have called you dainty from the minute you were born because there is a gentleness to the way you move and a grace to your internal essence that comes across as so very feminine and delicate. You are the worlds most wonderful snuggler and you much prefer to be turned in vs. turned out as you are most comfortable and at home skin to skin, right next to my body. You need people and need affection in a way that reminds me of myself and of your brother which makes me happy because no one loves hugs and cuddles more than we do.

Your favorite things are the sun shining in your eyes, being in the bathtub with me (which we do almost nightly and is one of my very favorite things in the entire world as well) and sleeping (you are already almost sleeping through the entire night).

If your sister is fire and passion than you are peace and foundation, as you have this incredible gift of mindfulness and this presence of being that is so grounding for me to get to experience. You and I have this incredible physical connection that has given me so much meaning and peace. You are the embodiment of peace I have searched for my entire life. I cannot wait to hear what you think of the world around you, because you take in all in with such curiosity and love.


Then there are the two of you….

I have said many times that the greatest gift I could have ever given you both is each other and that most certainly is true…



You two are peanut butter and jelly, yin and yang, and I just know that you are the perfect foil to one another’s personality. I have always wanted a sister, a partner in crime, and someone that could share my life with. The most beautiful thing about having twins, is that you both have been born with that since day number one.


My greatest wish and hope for the two of you is that you will hold each other with love and care, that you will never try to be more like the other, as you both are such dynamic and special individuals just as you are, and that the love and friendship the two of you will build will be something that feeds you and elevates you for the rest of your lives.

You, my two little beauties are going to do great things because the two of you are already such remarkable people. I am so lucky I get to be your mom.



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