Happy Halloween


We have most certainly been in the holiday spirit around here lately with fall finally arriving and it suffices to say that we have nested into all things pumpkin spice and everything nice. I absolutely love fall, and I have recently been reinspired to get behind the camera and start shooting again. I am excited about taking on some new photography clients and what better way to dust off your old photographer hat than to shoot your own personal muses (aka: my gorgeous daughters). I am excited to share my beauties and their French-inspired Halloween Costumes after the Madeline children’s books. Madeleina and Aveline are both French names, and I have loved the Madeline children’s books since I was a little girl myself. So without further ado – my little pumpkins.


Our Madeline Halloween Costumes were half purchased through Etsy, and half homemade with a little spray paint, knitting yarn, hot glue, and ribbon. We added a pair of tights, patten leather shoes and ribbons.

MadelineOutfitsI have absolutely loved children’s book illustrations my entire life. I have an entire collection of children’s books that I have kept since I was a young girl myself. btub4338CostumesIMG_1523Halloween2Girls4374MaddyHWBirdieHW1MadeleinaBooksHalloween4370Halloween4365birdiehwHalloween4368

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