Christina Eclat

MeI am a storyteller, a creative, an event planner, and an all around lover of life. By night, I am the wife to an introverted, dog loving, serial entrepreneur; who keeps me on my toes every single minute of every single day. He is one of the boldest and bravest dreamers, thinkers, and risk-takers I have ever met; which has made for some interesting experiences and twists and turns. We’ve navigated more up’s and down’s in s few short years than most marriages have in an entire lifetime…and while it’s been been one hell of a ride….we have ridden the storm together, we’ve continued to strengthen as a family and, truth be told as crazy as it is…we wouldn’t have it any other way.Profile1

As a family; we are adoptive parents to our son Habi – who was adopted from Ethiopia at the age of 3, I am an informal “adoptive mom” to “Sissy” – my 21 year old cousin who moved in with me at 10 years old; and after a five year fertility battle, our dreams came true when we gave birth to two gorgeous twin baby girls in December. Together we are just one large and colorful zoo of dogs, babies, teenagers, college students, toy making, restaurants, events, and small businesses. Its seriously insane around here most days.

threeamigos I am most “in my bliss” when I am creating: ideation being the birthplace of all of that creation. As an extreme extrovert, I absolutely love the journey of sharing my story and connecting to others, which is essentially why I created this blog. My husband coined the term “love sponge,” to describe me, so I guess you can say I’m all about “spreading the love,” one way or another.img_0041



Christina Eclat has been a decade in the
making and is more or less a place where I can share my story; curate all the things that have moved and changed me, the places, experiences, inspirations, and people that nourish me, and a few little “light and fun” things like travel, party planning, photography, and food that quite literally feed my soul and make me happy. I suppose you can say it is the hub for all my creativity and passions.

Profile2Some of the blog is heavy, some of it is light, and most of it is about sharing my journey through raising twin babies,  healing my childhood trauma, infertility, event planning, adoption, pregnancy, parenting, starting businesses, failing in business gracefully, recovering my health and wellness, eating without gluten, or simple fun glimpses into our travel and adventures. I invite you to come along for the ride as we Eclat or “Sparkle.”