A Window of Opportunity

I have swallowed the pill that my choosing to stay home for the time being may mean I never get to achieve the career success or freedom that I have taken so many shots at for so many years. I am going to continue to work towards being okay with that. With that said, if we are ever to truly have women’s equality, in its true definition, than I hope that changes and we can learn to accommodate the ways in which we are not the same; not men and women, and not before and after having a family. I also hope that we build resources to support women both in their choice to lean in, but also in their choice to step back, or step down, or step off completely for a period of time without it impacting their entire career paths or looked down upon as some kind of knock against feminism and women’s equality.

The Birth of a Brother

I wrote this a month ago in the throws of trying to figure out how to navigate going from a mother of one to a mother of three… “It’s not an easy task, being asked to go from being the baby of the family to the big brother who has to give away so much…

A Birdie and A Rose Garden

It is almost unfathomable that it has been twelve weeks since my angels made their debut earth side. Its been two months since I last posted and so much has transpired in that short period of time I hardly know where to begin. Well for starters, the girls have gone from these tiny little beans…

Twins First Month

Tomorrow these angels will be one month old, and when everyone says that the minute they are born it will be as if they had always existed, that has most certainly been true for our family. Madeleina and Aveline are such incredible babies and mothering them has been heavenly. The only way I can properly…

Love Will Come To You

The wintery morning you were born, I woke up crying. I was exhausted and sore from the pain of carrying my enormous belly (your home) around and fighting with my bed and my bladder for the tiniest morsels of sleep for what had felt like an eternity. The pure weight of your two bodies and…

When Loving Means Leaving

Because mental illness is so taboo, because I’ve always been in such awe of those who share their truths, because I know so many people suffer from the stigma of mental illness in silence, because it’s taken me 35 years to have the courage to talk about my mothers struggle, because a book I read…

The Bump Life

There is something about creating and carrying two humans at the same time that is quite spectacular…meaning that you will feel like your body has become a bit of a spectacle every place you go. One of my biggest curiosities in twin pregnancy was the bump and just how big I was going to be….

My Twin Pregnancy Experience

Obviously pregnancy is different for everyone, but the psychic energy it takes for a body to create all the cells, blood and organs for two humans at the same time is completely mind-boggling. Those first few months of my pregnancy I couldn’t think, I couldn’t form sentences, I couldn’t walk up stairs without becoming completely winded and wanting to just go lay down and sleep

Pregnancy: A Lesson in Sacrifice

Sacrifice: an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy. From my minute I laid eyes on my adopted son, he was, and has been, the love, the life and the joy of my life. Though the journey and gift of becoming his mother, he…

Maternity Photos

We were honored to have the amazing talented Katie Lamb Photography shoot our pregnancy photos and we could not be more grateful for the gorgeousness that she was able to capture. Dresses by: Free People  

Mama Bear Dears Podcast

I was a guest on my very first podcast y’all. To hear all about me and my journey…click below! Christina is a woman full of passion, drive, encouragement and love. She also happens to be a woman who has experienced failure in various capacities throughout life. But somehow Christina has learned that failure isn’t who…

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

After what has been a seemingly never-ending health battle, I officially made it past the first trimester finish line a few weeks ago – one of the largest milestones and accomplishments in my life to date! Earlier last week I actually sobbed as I watched four tiny little arms and four tiny little legs kick and move inside of me